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What We Do

Listen / consult / guide

If you want to go for a walk, Green Mountain Lodge is here to guide you. But we can’t go anywhere if we don’t know where you want to go or what we’re you’re looking to see along the way. The Lodge only exists as an extension of your brand and business, to help you meet the goals you’ve set for today and in turn, shape new opportunities for the future. Together, we put everything on the table to create a strong foundation in common shared context about your brand and needs. So we’ll always build significant client research into the core of what we do together, just as one would if they were in house. Only then can we begin to evaluate the varied paths available that we can walk together and what’s right for you and your business. And when things might look tough or unclear right now, you know we’re on this journey together and trust we’ve got a lot of mutual expertise in these “woods” to help us gain the clarity to reach the destination we’re aiming for.


plan / pilot / experiment

We love cartography. Ok, not literally. But the idea that a journey should be plotted and create space for exploration. Or if getting lost is our intent, that we’re set up to wander in comfort and not caught out in the cold. Successful plans and organizational alignment help groups make choices to move in the same direction and at the same pace. If we’re here together, it’s because you desire change management for your future. We will develop the plan that gets you there and aim to try a few things differently than you might have before, because it can grow our mutual perspective and potential. And once we get to that place, we’ll be able to pull out our trusty map and decide where we’re headed next together.


Collaborate / Connect / Inspire

Discovering the magic that’s out there is not something we want to do alone. It’s meant to be shared. We aim to find like-minded partners who like to do things differently and create a better future. Sure, there are KPI’s and markers that we have to meet, but that’s not the reason you will choose Green Mountain Lodge or why we chose to work with you. It’s about the mutual investment in each other and the rewards that come with professional and personal relationship development when we achieve those goals together. It forges a camaraderie that goes far beyond a simple 20-hour project. And with that mentality, the “we” has become great, as we’re now armed with a network of friends and resources all around the world that have the same interests, any one of which we can call and ask if they’d like to join us on our walk.



We’ll work together to define how to deliver for your needs. Here’s a few examples of how I can help.



  • Mission, Vision and Purpose

  • Development and Identity

  • Image and Positioning

  • Visual, Typographic and Vocal Direction

  • Hierarchy and Architecture

  • Experience and Application

  • Differentiation and USP

  • Planning and Strategy


  • Vision and Values to Goals Translation

  • Objective and Focal Leadership Planning

  • Making space for Innovation and Creativity

  • Long and Short Term Business Planning

  • Competitive Advantage & Differentiation

  • Benchmarking & Research

  • Growth Modeling

  • Merger and Acquisition Opportunities


  • Consumer Centric Thinking

  • Market Trends & Predictions

  • Competitive and Market Analysis

  • Case Study Development

  • Applicable and Workable Solutions

  • Meeting and Offsite Leadership and Facilitation

  • Speaking Engagements & Presentations

MUSIC, Entertainment & production

  • Artist Business Management and Creative Advisory

  • Audio Branding, Environmental Music & Playlisting

  • Music Supervision for Film, TV, Commercial and Short Form

  • Recorded Audio Project Management and Production

  • Live Talent Programming, Buying and Contracting

  • Event and Stage Design

  • End-to-end Production & Show Running

  • Talent Liaising and Hosting

  • Tour Routing, Planning and Engagement opportunities

  • Show, Event, Conference and Panel Hosting


  • Operations Leadership

  • Plan to Process

  • Human Resource Allocation, Training and On-boarding

  • Efficiency & Streamlining

  • Technological Upgrades

  • Engagement, Team Building, Offsite and Retreat Facilitation


  • Channel Management & Audience Segmentation

  • Campaign and Content Development

  • Influencer & Partnership Strategies

  • Owned Event & Sponsorship Programming

  • Media Planning: Paid, Earned, Shared and Owned

  • Merchandise Development

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